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Writing Modern CSS with Blyth

I wanted to document and write about my principles, methodologies and share some wisdom that I’ve built up over the years.

Creating a CSS-Only Horizontal Ticker

Creating a small ticker component for announcements and alerts.

How to Create Consistent & Reusable CSS with BEMU

Creating a consistent set of style principles for consistency and reusability that scales.

Using Laravel Valet with Perch

I've recently made a switch from MAMP Pro, to Laravel Valet. This article shows you how to setup local development with Perch and Laravel Valet.


Becoming a Freelance Web Designer - What You Need to Know

I wanted to create a post I could direct people who contacted whilst also trying to help anyone searching on how to become a freelancer. I’ve listed the top 5 questions I get asked, with an attempt to answer them the best I can.

Web Design Books to Read in 2020

Being a freelance web designer offering a wide range of services means you can find yourself deep in projects for months and focusing on one specialist area.

Focusing on Details - User Experience

I wanted to write about something I felt very passionately about, user experience. In everything I do, I need to think about who I'm designing for and almost second guess how they are going to use the pieces of technology I design.

A Big 2018

Since the introduction of the App Store, apps have been changing the world we live in. An average person has 41 apps on their phone, but here are 5 more apps that I’d recommend to any designer or developer for optimising your workflow.

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