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Hey, I'm Ryan! A 25-year old freelance web designer & front-end developer. I’m also a Manchester United supporter, darts champion, Disney megafan and all-round nice chap. |

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Working as a freelance web designer with clients across the UK for over 9 years.

Remote Freelance Web Designer.

I've been working with companies based in London, Manchester, Bristol and in all honesty, probably a city near you! With the wonders of modern technology, I've refined my process to deliver quality sites that deliver value for money.

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Hey, I'm Ryan 👋🏻

About Me

I'm a 25 year old web designer and developer with a freakish obsession with the web. I'm also a huge Man Utd supporter, Hereford FC fan and Disney geek.

About Me

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  • 27th January 2021

    What is Jamstack?

    I've been exploring Jamstack for over a year now, and wanted to share why I use it and how you can get started. Learn about the benefits and best practices of Jamstack.

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  • 11th December 2020

    Writing Modern CSS with Blyth

    I wanted to document and write about my principles, methodologies and share some wisdom that I’ve built up over the years.

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  • 4th November 2020

    Creating a CSS-Only Horizontal Ticker

    Creating a small ticker component for announcements and alerts.

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