5 things to look out for when hiring a web designer

Posted by Ryan Gittings

In my post this week, I’m looking at what you should be looking for when hiring a web designer. As a business, you want someone who not only knows what they're doing in terms of coding, but you're looking for an all round package, someone who has the knowledge and experience to guide the website process.

Do they have a credible portfolio?

As with any industry, making sure they body of work showcases that they can do their job properly is essential. Having a range of businesses, small, medium and large businesses showcases.

My portfolio demonstrates I can work with businesses of all sizes, as well as some credible businesses and companies including a GB Nike sponsored athlete and a large UK organisation, with some exciting additions to come shortly.

Design knowledge?

Does the web designer have a real in-depth knowledge of designing for the web? Are the sites designed good for all platforms? Are they good for accessibility? These are all questions that should be asked when considering a web designer in London.

Good time management?

When hiring a web designer, making sure they have a good showcase of testimonials is key. Asking for some previous client details can allow access to see if the web designer is good with deadlines and keeping on task.

Do they have a passion for working with your business?

Making sure the company is invested in the project is key and always produces best results. Any project that I partake in is always something I'm passionate about and something I know I can do an amazing job with.

Are they affordable?

The amount of clients that come to me saying, I've received 5 quotes, ranging from £x to £xxxxx is astonishing. Making sure you establish what each quote offers, and why the amount is that much is key into picking a web designer.

The answer is yes

I'm more than confident that when hiring me, the answer to all the questions is 'yes'. You only have to ask one of my many previous clients in how well I work with them. I pride myself on my day to day work, I'm a freelance web designer with a passion, well actually an obsession with building websites for companies, and then seeing them companies grow. I take so much pride in my work when I see growth directly from something I work on, and I'd love to work with you too.

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