Designer & Developer.

I work on all things web, from UI/UX design to front-end development.

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Ryan Gittings - Freelance Web Designer

A design focused front-end developer.

What I Do

I create quality digital experiences

  • Web Design

    Designing mobile first to deliver a modern, fast and easy-to-use front-end design through research, planning and architecture.

  • Web Development

    Using HTML, CSS & JS & PHP, I build with modern techniques, choosing the right tool for the job to deliver the best user experience.

  • Website Management

    Content and upkeep can be hard, I can work with you to help devise content strategies and make sure the website is the best it can be.

  • Jamstack

    Using Jamstack to deliver websites that deliver security, performance and maintainability including Netlify, 11ty, Next JS.

  • Design Systems

    Creating full design systems in both design and development that allows your design to scale with you as you grow.

  • Web Strategy

    Through SEO, digital marketing, ads and a cohesive digital strategy I can drive traffic to your website.

  • SEO

    Implementing long-term strategies for clients to rank organically for keywords that bring in traffic.

  • Accessibility

    Building websites that focus on accessibility. All builds are run through strict accessibility tests.

  • Responsive Design

    Of course, as standard all my websites use fluid design to work perfectly responsively across all breakpoints.

  • CMS

    I have experience with a wide range of CMS' including Netlify CMS, Statamic CMS, Perch CMS, Craft CMS and more!

Finding a freelance web designer can be tricky.

I know how tricky it can feel when you're trying to find a freelance web designer, so here's 10 reasons why I'm awesome:

  1. I have a portfolio that speaks for itself, working with organisations like the NHS and UKSCA
  2. I have over 9 years of experience
  3. I'm focused on delivering quality products and solutions for clients
  4. I custom build every website from the ground up, tailored to you
  5. I don't use themes, templates or anything that'll compromise your websites quality
  6. I use modern coding practices to deliver the highest quality websites for all types of devices
  7. I have a well-rounded skillset, from design and development to SEO and digital marketing
  8. I use a variety of types of software, from vanilla builds to React, Next JS and Jamstack builds
  9. I have experience with small startups, as well as large organisations
  10. I'm a friendly chap with a web obsession. I love what I do and love working on anything digital

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