What is SEO?

Posted by Ryan Gittings

As a business owner, you've come across the term SEO. It's an acronym that gets used often and it definitely is extremely important to get your website noticed.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is when a search engine, like Google, pulls up your website as a result for a specific phrase or word. As a business, it’s only natural you want to get found for the services you offer, either nationwide and/or in a specific location.

The Bad News...

The bad news about SEO is there is no magic formula. Not one single company should guarantee results, because it's beyond their control. Online marketing experts offer their experience and expertise to help your business, either via small tips and tricks, or using their wealth of resources to be able to do things to enhance your sites reputation. So this might be change page titles to include a keyword, so Google can analyse your site and know what you do, and therefore what you should rank for.

Becoming SEO Aware

As a business owner, I firmly believe that you're the best person to market your business, be it online or offline. I provide all the knowledge and expertise to help your business get the ranking results you require, but it does work both ways. If you put time in to market your business online, be it through social media platforms, keeping the website content up to date and relevant, and help getting links from external sites to your site to help increase reputation, then you can get results, and this is what SEO is all about.

Enter Chirp

I've recently built an app, Chirp, which is an add on for my chosen content management system (where you edit your websites content), which analyses your page and tells you what you can do to improve your SEO. It not only educates websites editors on what they should be doing, but breaks down sections of SEO factors until a simple traffic light system and small sections of critique to remove jargon and make it easy to get on-site content up to scratch.

Do you need help?

I'm not here to offer a sales pitch, I work with small businesses on a daily basis with their SEO, and I do get results. I work with marketing agencies, built my own tools, and have over 6 years of experience. You can trust me to help with all aspects of your site, from design, build to ongoing website management and support.