My Workspace Setup as a Freelance Web Designer

At the beginning of this year, I wanted to review my workspace setup, in terms of both physical and technical worlds, and try to become more productive, both when on the road traveling, and at home. During this process, quite a few tools have been changed to try and become more efficient, and make my transition between devices easier.

Here are some of my tools:

Visual Studio Code

I’ve switched from Atom to VS Code (, and this was a huge decision for me. As I’m a freelance web designer, I’m working on a lot of projects, so my editor needs to integrate with git smoothly, as well as be super quick to open new projects, and VS Code does all this brilliantly.

iPad Pro

I have a MacBook Pro, and an iMac, but this year is definitely the year of the iPad Pro. I’m using Screens App ( to remotely connect to my iMac in my office when I’m on the move. It works brilliantly, and allows me to be more portable, but still very powerful.

Perch Developer

I’ve been a really big supporter of Perch (, but this year I’ve become a registered developer. The big change this year is that I’ve started using Runway more and more, for clients to be able to edit their sites easier, and for their management systems to become smarter. I’ve also included Chirp ( with my latest builds, to help editors with SEO, which is super cool.


I’ve started using Slack for all my client communication. It’s such a good platform for managing files, quick communication and a rich experience, that allows me to produce my best work. A small, but very powerful switch from other platforms like Skype, enhance my workflow.