Whitfield is a rural estate in south Herefordshire.

Evolutionising their digital presence.

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Whitfield is a rural estate in the southern part of Herefordshire that leases a variety of residential and commercial property as well as produces quality timber and holly.


The Brief

Whitfield Estate approached me with a proposal for a new website that is approachable for users and easy to manage. Considering Whitfield’s prominence in Herefordshire, I wanted to craft and deliver a website that did its purpose all whilst showcasing the best of what Whitfield Estate offers.

Whitfield Estate Mobile
Whitfield Estate Mobile
Whitfield Estate Mobile

The Outcome

I created a simple, yet effective website that can easily be edited with new information. They wanted to ensure that the team could login to the management system and alter the message of the page without a problem.

Project Features

Highly Dynamic

The management system allows for easy editing of all types of content, to allow the team to edit content easily.


The website is highly optimised to load as quick as it possibly can, creating a seamless page-to-page experience for readers.

Small but Elegant

Smaller sites are often harder to design. We introduced a clean, elegant, consistent and reusable feel to the UI.