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Ryan Gittings - Freelance Web Designer

Ryan Gittings

I'm so proud to introduce Chirp SEO for Perch.

I use Perch CMS for almost every project i'm involved with these days. It's a very lightweight CMS with a fantastic API to allow developers like me to create apps that pretty much allow me to create the exact functionality I want, which is fantastic.

I've found over time that more and more clients require SEO these days. They want to rank for keywords, but don't have the knowledge to review their on-site SEO and also don't have time to research what they need to be doing for their on-site SEO. I wanted to create a really lightweight, easy to use SEO tool for Perch that analysed content, and provided short snippets of feedback using a simple traffic light system.

Chirp analyses all your page content, region by region and gives content editors simple suggestions to improve. Perch developers should register their interest, as a beta is just around the corner.

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